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Design Haus Liberty provides a range of architectural services to clients around the world, in a variety of sectors, including commercial, residential, hospitality, cultural, and institutional.

Some of the architectural services that we offer include:

  • Full architectural services, from concept design through construction documentation and contract administration. Our architects are skilled at designing buildings that are not only functional, but also visually compelling, challenging the normal and creating experiential environments.

  • Conceptual architecture design. from creating innovative and connective conceptual ideas to developing dreams into reality. From large scale masterplans, Property developments, through to individual homes, commercial and hospitality.

  • Architectural consultancy, which includes representing you in the process of creating, developing and implementing an architectural scheme and ensuring that the overall approach is achieved.



We strive to present a  simple and seamless approach to the our interior design services.

The clarity and transparency of our work, ensures that you will always understand exactly what we do, how we are doing it and what you will receive as a client.

We regard all of our clients as a member of our team, and involve you in every part of the design process from concept through to delivery.

Our teams communicate with you, throughout every phase to ensure that we not only meet the schedules we are working to, but also to commit to providing the best design possible within the budget provided.

The structure of each of our design phases and the approach we would take towards your unique and individual project, would be a tailored solution which would be based around the following design phases:

Concept  Design

The purpose of this phase will be to establish the image concept and  design direction for the interior spaces of a Project.

During this phase, we  provide:

Concept Design booklet to include:

•     Overall design narrative

•     Design concepts depicted                     through mood imagery

•    Suggested space planning                    refinements 

•    Conceptual materials

•    Conceptual Furniture

•    Overall conceptual direction

Schematic Design

Refine and develop the Concept Design direction into a  more concise understanding of how the overall spaces work with each other to create a seamless design.

During this phase, we provide:

Schematic Design booklet to include:

•     Layout plans of each space

•     Colour references and material swatch           boards, presenting the preliminary                 materials

•    Interior finishes, including carpets, rugs,        hard flooring, wall coverings

•    Furniture selections

•    3D CGI perspective renderings

Design Development

Further developing the schematic Design direction into a  cohesive and clear synergy between the interior design and the architecture, in a more technical form, through drawings and studies, with enough information to be able to tender.

During this phase, we provide:

•     Drafted Layout plans of each space

•     Material Specifications schedules

•     Primary drafted elevations, which have           not been included with 3D CGI                       perspective renderings

•    Furniture specifications

•    FF&E Specifications

•    Updated 3D CGI Perspective renderings

Detailed Design Documentation

In this phase of work, we further develop the previous phases of work, into a concise package of information, including full material specifications, furniture specifications, Artwork specifications, sanitary specifications, Interior technical drawings, Interior detailed drawings, providing more than enough information, to be able for any contractor to begin work from. We will be fully co-ordinating with any other consultants involved.

Final Dressing

As a final phase, our highly experienced team, would set every item up within your property, to allow you move straight into a fully completed design, where your initial dreams have become a reality. Whether it be a residential project, restaurant or hotel, we will be with you right through to completion.

Every single project is unique and as such, may require either less or more services as required. For further information of our additional services, please do not hesitate in contacting us.


Interior dressing services, allows you to receive the design experience and style of the Dara Maison team, to make your property feel like a fully created space. Dara Maison will advise you on the planning and layout of your  property and advise you on furniture placement, Soft furnishings, artwork location, Interior landscaping and accessories. 

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