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Dara Maison is the inaugural furniture collection created by Dara Huang, a designer, architect and founder of Design Haus Liberty.

Dara Maison brings together luxury statement pieces, inspired by nature that are handcrafted, sustainable and stainproof.

Each unique piece is engineered from the highest quality materials to last the test of time. Smart solutions and built in storage creates modern yet luxury furniture that is as practical as it is eye-catching. Each piece is built using expert craftsmanship all delivered by hand. A team of skilled artisans with expertise across all areas of production work together to deliver excellence and quality.

Our workshops source materials locally and take a sustainable approach, we use FSC Timber, our performance fabric is made sustainably sourced yarn and our creators ensure minimal waste of material as well as incentives for staff in giving back to the environment.

The concept of the Dara Maison furniture collection focuses on combining sculptural beauty with function and practicality.

Designed for comfort, built to last.

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