Confidential, Gallery Owner


Mayfair, London, UK


1,500 sq.ft.


Completed January 2019


Interior Refurbishment and Fit-Out




Matt Livey


Located in the heart of Mayfair, this Glass Box Gallery has undergone an interior refurbishment by DH Liberty featuring minimalistic interiors and high-end details.

Our design explores the concept of an elastic space creating a Glass Box Gallery that flexes as an office, entertainment, gallery and event space. This digital gallery, which deals with a majority of its transactions online wanted to create a space that became the synergy point of human interaction and transaction.

Whilst small in footprint, the flexible interiors create standalone moments throughout. An intimate gallery library welcomes users to browse catalogues at reception, a meeting table in the main office doubles-up as a working station, and a lounge space within the main room provides seating for visitors to review artwork on electronic displays and enjoy a coffee with views over the main square. In the afternoon, the space becomes a place for guest to have a drink and negotiate a sale and in the evening, the main gallery transforms for a dinner party.

The gallery itself is enclosed within a floor-to-ceiling glass box that disappears into the skyline and has a minimalistic interior of floating shadow-gap walls, and white oak Denizen floors. This transparent box and seamless backdrop are juxtaposed with a series of raw stones, and original furniture by Pierre Jeanneret creating a uniquely curated interior as a backdrop for well sought-after pieces of art.

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