Naissance Capital


1500 bespoke moulded brass components, 2870m of fibre optics, 290 cables, 3.7m x 6.5m drop


Completed Fall 2018


Feature Installation and Lobby Refurbishment

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Project Description

Design Haus Liberty in collaboration with ALEKSAstudio have recently completed the refurbishment of the Principality Stadium entrance in the heart of Cardiff. With a footfall of nearly 85,000 people per year the refurbishment required a minimalistic palette juxtaposed with a wow-factor feature installation to capture the passers-by and draw them into the building.  New concrete-effect flooring, bespoke brass and walnut seating complement a space for mobile pop-up stands where young entrepreneurs can share their ground-breaking food concepts and local artists can display temporary exhibitions.

Together, the refurbishment blends well-thought out design and branding to create a harmonious environment that is timeless and captures the Simorg – a benevolent, mythical bird in Persian mythology and often associated with the Phoenix.

Photographs courtesy to Nicholas Worley.