18 October 2018

While 20 years ago traditional print journals were the gatekeepers, setting the agenda for big ideas that shaped the culture of architectural, blogs and e-zineshave rapidly changed the nature of architectural discourse, accelerating its pace while opening up to a much wider range of voices and audiences.

Online publication made criticism more timely, democratic, and global. Now another revolution is underway: image-based social media are radically speeding updesign dialogue again, bypassing established online publishers. Digital photaography and video shared around the world and around the clock are supplanting the written word.  Our next Global Dialogues event looks into the near-future of fluid idea sharing from the present moment of image-posting, likes, and tweets.  How are designers using the nimbleness of social media tools to give shape to substantive new ideas?  What role do social media “influencers” play in how a culture of architecture is defined and how we are designing today?