27th November 2018

Photography: Courtesy of Jennifer Moyes Photography and Eporta

How to win every pitch.
Love it or hate it, whatever your role in the industry, pitching is part of it.

In this session, our panel of industry leaders share their pitching experiences, the high’s, the lows and the near misses. Gain insights and top tips on how you can make pitching work for you.

Moderator: Melissa McCafferty
Panel: Lisa Hinderdael of Design Haus Liberty, Harriet Forde of Harriet Forde Design, and Brian Woulfe of Designed by Woulfe


Roundtable Discussions

During these sessions, every table is chaired by an industry expert who will lead an informal and insightful peer to peer discussion. Our Operations Partner, Lisa, chaired a roundtable discussion on People Management. Topics included how to capitalise on great talent, the hiring process and how to manage difficult conversations.